I will be attending the Flagstaff, AZ show on July 29th. Contact me or come by and see me at the show if interested.

'Ohana Mini Rex has the following currently available.

'Ohana's H58
DOB 03/26/2017
Jr Castor Buck
Sire: 'Ohana's Phoenix (Broken Black) X Dam: HHR's Buffy (Castor)
This cross produced GC 'Ohana's Jose, 2 x BOB winner, 2 x BOSB winner, so I had to do it again. I was hoping for a doe but ended up with 2 very nice bucks :)
Good ring definition but needs a little wider intermediate band. 

'Ohana's H48
DOB 03/19/2017
Jr Black Doe
Sire: GC 'Ohana's Avalanche (REW- genetic blue) X Dam: Lynn's Sorry (Broken Black Otter)

'Ohana's Frozen
DOB 02/08/2017
Jr REW Doe
Sire: GC 'Ohana's Avalanche (REW-genetic blue) X GC Berlena's Zona (REW-genetic black)
Frozen is a bigger doe. She is currently 5 months old and not overweight but could go over after a litter or two. The only reason why I am selling her is I did this cross twice and got a doe and buck with a little shorter ear that I am keeping.

'Ohana's H70
DOB 04/24/2017
Jr REW Doe
Sire: GC 'Ohana's Avalanche (REW-genetic blue) X GC Berlena's Zona (REW-genetic black)

'Ohana's H61
DOB 04/20/2017
Jr Black Buck
Sire: GC 'Ohana's Avalanche (REW-genetic blue) X 'Ohana's Kalani (Black)

'Ohana's H61
DOB 05/12/2017
Jr Blue Doe
Sire: HTZ Edit (Black Otter) X 'Ohana's Jade (Black Otter)
What do you get when you breed a black otter to a black otter? Not black otter :( This buck loves to throw dilutes so that is what I got. I kept the lilac buck from this litter to work on my Lynx program and since I do not breed solid blues, the doe is for sale :) 

'Ohana's Angel
DOB 03/18/2017
Jr Broken Black Doe
Sire: GC 'Ohana's Avalanche (REW-genetic blue) X Lynn's Cloe (Broken Black)

'Ohana's H65
DOB 05/01/2017
Jr Broken Black Buck
Sire: 'Ohana's Phoenix (Broken Black) X 'Ohana's Liz (Black Otter)

'Ohana's H68
DOB 04/29/2017
Jr Broken Black Otter Doe
Sire: 'Ohana's Makoa (Broken Black) X 'Ohana's AJ (Blue Otter)