Our rabbitry is located in Wittmann, AZ,

and is owned and operated by me (Lisa Havea) and my ohana (family).

Here is some back round on me......in 2001, I purchased my first Mini Rex and fell in love instantly with this breed. I decided to begin showing and raising them at a competitive level. I began building my herd with the help of numerous wonderful breeders and named my rabbitry Cactus Cottontails. In 2005, I won BOSB at Mini Rex Nationals with a castor senior buck. Also received 2nd place REW senior buck at the same show. This was a huge nationals with over 1500 Mini Rex entered so it felt great to finally get to a point where I could compete at the national level. It was a huge accomplishment for the bunnies!

In 2006 I won BOV Lynx at the Mini Rex Nationals. I was the only lynx breeder in my area at the time so this helped validate that I was at least on the right track with this variety. Shortly after attending the 2006 Nationals though I decided to sell off my herd and take a break from the bunnies to pursue other interests. By 2010 I was very much missing my Mini Rex. I started out slow and began building my herd and attending a few shows here and there but I did not really get a strong start until 2015 when I was given the opportunity to do this full time. I have spent the last few years working on my barn and building my herd. It has been super exciting to get back in the swing of things. I hadn't realized how much I had forgotten from being away for so many years, not to mention a lot has changed in the bunny world since 2006. I have made a lot of really great new friends and have gotten the opportunity to spend time with some old friends as well. My goal is to get back to competing at a national level which takes time but I am really looking forward to the challenge. Currently I raise Blacks, Brokens (in all varieties), Castors, Otters (in all varieties), and REW's. I plan on adding hopefully this year, Chocolates, Torts and Lynx. 

And of course a new rabbitry gets a new name, introducing.... 

'Ohana Mini Rex

'Ohana's Phoenix

Updated 07/14/17